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>Iwao Akiyama<
 Toyohide Akiyama
Born in Taketa-city, Oita prefecture, Kyusyu Alps, southern Japan

Graduate Taiheiyo Art School. Since studied under Artists Munakata Shiko, Fuse Teijiro and Sakamoto Hanjiro.

The first exhibition at College Women's Association of Japan (C.W.A.J) Print Show. Since this year invied artist. 2002 is the 36th year.

Group exhibition of 4 students of Munakata Shiko.
Artist; Kusaka Satomi, Takahashi Isao, Tsuchiya Masao and Akiyama Iwao.

Exhibition in Domestic
more than 300 exhibitions across major cities in Japan.

Exhibition in Foreign country
more than 20 exhibitions

Latist exhibitions
March 2002 San Francisco USA
July 2002 Seattle USA

National Museum of England, London
National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia
Museum of Japanese Art. Haifa, Israel
Cincinnati Art Museum, USA
Bonn University, Bonne Germany
Scotland National Museum, Scotland

Independent Artist
Member of fine artist Association of Japan

Iwao Akiyama
It is true frequently people think of the art of Akiyama Iwao as Folk Art. In fact, he has focused on folk Lore as related to nature and to his placeof birth, the countryside of the Japanese Island of Kyusyu, TAKETA where it is often said to be Kyusyu Alps.
His special fascination with nature is expressed in subject matter such as Owls, Cats, Birds of Prey and a single human figure in Snow landscape. His images do not speak but their innocent emotion is expressed in Akiyama's Art.
The cultural background of Akiyama Iwao is vast in content and is the basis of this world and of his artistic creation. Academic study in schools did not contribute to this.

Through his art and inspiration Akiyama restores us to nature's innocence and to its importance in our lives and imagination. In this gallery, you can see his wonderful art which are expressed a single human figure of Santoka ( the Japanese poet who travelled all aound Japan and made many haiku).

Santoka junior will lead you to Akiyama's world.
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